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What is HIPS Sheet?

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What is HIPS Sheet?

The acronym for High Impact Polystyrene; a versatile, tough, rigid plastic material with high impact strength. It can be guillotined, punched or sawn easily and is available in a wide variety of colours. It is an economical material that is easy to machine and fabricate, giving it endless uses. HIPS is commonly specified for low strength applications when price, impact resistance and machinability are required. It is frequently used to machine pre-production prototypes.


Common Uses:

• Consumer products: Toys, appliance components, TV and audio-visual equipment parts, recording tape cassettes, bicycles

• Automotive industry: Instrument panels, internal fittings, gasoline tanks

• Food Services: Hot and cold drinking cups, yoghurt pots

• Office Products: Computer housings, ID cards, calculators


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