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What is 6063 aluminium?

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What is 6063 aluminium?


6063 is an aluminium alloy which contains magnesium and silicon as the alloying elements. It is a medium strength alloy commonly referred to as an architectural alloy. It is normally used in intricate extrusions and is the alloy of choice for aesthetic applications.


Basic properties


6063 aluminium has a good surface finish, is readily suited to welding, has high corrosion resistance and can be easily anodised. 6063 is available in bar, rod, wire, tube and extrusions. In its heat-treated condition, it provides good resistance to general corrosion, including resistance to stress corrosion cracking.




6063 is typically used for architectural applications, window frames, doors, shop fittings, furniture and irrigation tubing. It is also used for electrical applications due to its good electrical conductivity.


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