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Aluminium tread plate & its Uses

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Aluminium tread plate & its uses Aluminium tread plate is an extremely tough, easy to maintain patterned metal sheet which is ideal for a wide range of uses in residential, industrial and commercial situations. It is also known as 5 bar tread plate (A5B), aluminium five bar, floor plate, chequer plate and diamond plate. Even though the name of the material is aluminium tread plate, some types are made with other metals. Uses There are many uses for aluminium tread plate, including kick plates, trailers, doorways, door protectors, flooring, stairs, walkways, vehicle modifications and it can also be used decoratively. Its modern use is as an architectural material, used in wall and ceiling cladding. It is also used to decorate doors and furniture. Benefits Aluminium tread plate is a durable product and easy to install and to maintain. It has the added benefit of being non-slip, which makes it a great product for locations where slipping is a potential danger, such as commercial kitchens, garages and stairs. Situations As it does not rust, aluminium tread plate works for both indoor and outdoor projects. This means that it can also be used for exterior stairs, boat docks, temporary scaffolding and pathways. It is also a good option for use as flooring in vehicles. Measurements Different uses require alternative thicknesses of aluminium tread plate. The size of the plate is obviously important too, so remember to take accurate measurements of the space you want to use it for before deciding on the length and width. Finally, you can also choose from a range of patterns depending on your preference. Typical uses for aluminium tread plate include: • Factory flooring particularly where corrosion, slippage or hygiene is an issue. This includes flooring in bakeries, breweries, dairies, chemical & petrochemical plants, food processing, hospitals, materials extraction & processing, mining & quarrying, nuclear waste reprocessing, on-shore and off-shore oil and gas facilities, pharmaceutical plants and power generation. • Flooring and vertical panels in the road transport industry including commercial vehicles, military transport, utility vehicles (trailers, dust-carts, fire engines, ambulances, cranes, etc.) and vans. • Flooring and vertical panels in buses, coaches and trams. The Tomb Raider edition of Land Rover even uses aluminium tread plate! • Rolling stock, stations and freight terminals for railways, underground railways, etc. • Indoor and outdoor bridges, walkways, steps, stairways, gantries etc. • Decorative vertical and inclined panels for indoor and outdoor architectural use. • Horse boxes, boat trailers and other trailers. • Ships and boat-building. • Swimming pools: pool and diving board steps, walkways, etc. • Mechanical handling plants such as


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